May 26, 2023

99 - Your Way, Or God’s Way?

99 - Your Way, Or God’s Way?
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses how God will move mountains in your life by submitting to his word through obedience and patience. 

Next Level Speakers Shoutout

Atiya Johnson 

Received $75,000 from one school to speak but had originally requested $120,000. She ended up landing an opportunity to work with all the schools in her area. She is a testament to remaining patient while God works on her behalf. 

Walking With God Produces

  • Joy 
  • Peace 
  • Love 
  • Acceptance 

Next Level Takeaways

  • Gaining clarity comes from walking productive paths. Unproductive actions raises appreciation for doing what’s right. 

  • Surround yourself with the right support system. 

  • Feeling lonely and misunderstood is going to produce something that’s bigger than you imagined. God has a perfect plan that needs our cooperation. 

  • Make the necessary adjustments to take your life to the Next Level. 

  • There are tremendous blessings in obedience to God. 


1) What’s the reason you haven’t been able to fully trust God and his plan for your life?

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