April 28, 2023

95 - If You’re Not in Demand, You Can’t Make Demands

95 - If You’re Not in Demand, You Can’t Make Demands
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses how to evaluate encounters with individuals with proper context. 

Next Level Speakers Academy Shoutouts

  • Cornelius Shackleford has a major speaking engagement for a huge amount that remains undisclosed!

Next Level Takeaways

  • Look for context about situations before creating a narrative that could be false. 

  • Don’t hate on others because you’re hurt. Pain should never be an excuse to operate out of jealousy and hatred. 

  • When people don’t understand your vision, don’t let that derail you from walking in your purpose! 

  • “Don’t settle on the opportunity that God has blessed you with!”

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