Feb. 17, 2023

85 - The Woman King Pt.2

85 - The Woman King Pt.2

Continuing from last week’s episode, Nicole shares her thought process on what makes her an effective leader, coach, and team player. 

5:23 - “Know who you are!” Spend intentional time exploring & learning about yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses will determine what opportunities are right for you and what areas need improvement. 

8:20 - Don’t try to accomplish everything on your own when surrounded by a supportive team. Utilize your resources!

11:06 - Being in an environment that embodies your natural values, enhances your mindset for consistent growth and success. Iron sharpens iron!

21:15 - Be proactive in making changes when needed. Taking initiative displays leadership & trustworthy skills amongst peers. 

25:12 - As a coach, it’s important to understand what motivates people. That information will help lead them on their journey individually and in team oriented settings. Great relationships makes coaching and leading more effective. 

Next Level Mindset Necessities 

  • Remain coachable. 
  • Embrace being a student of your craft. 
  • Give great effort in studying, reading & preparation. 
  • Remain humble.
  • Be a team player. 
  • Don’t view vulnerability as a weakness. There’s power honesty!

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