Jan. 21, 2023

81 - Rise Of The Elite

81 - Rise Of The Elite

In this episode of Next Level Living,the squad discuss how to reach your fullest potential by effectively stewarding responsibilities. 

10:38 - “Crushing your current opportunity sets up your next opportunity.” You never know who’s watching that can promote you to the next level. 

17:25 - “Recognize when a lie, is a lie.” Steward the words that you speak over your life. Negative or untruthful thoughts will influence behaviors. 

33:15 - People will recognize your content when you post consistently on a platform. Have the mindset of remaining faithful over few. Show God that you can be trusted in leading people who follow you right now. 


  • Know your value in order to share amongst people who need it the most.

  • Continue to build and become comfortable with your identity. Prayer, surroundings of great people, and consistency aids in building your identity. 

  • Declare each day that’s ahead of you. Don’t let the day dictate how you operate!

  • Operate from your worth & value. 

  • “Current situations aren’t final destinations.”


1)Does your inner circle encourage you to become better?

2) Does your inner circle support your growth?

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