Oct. 21, 2022

71 - Grace Givers

71 - Grace Givers

In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad, along with Jeremy’s wife Tracy, discuss how to manage and showing grace to people going through developing seasons in their life.

33:35 - “When peoples actions get you out of character, remember the principles that God has called you too operate out of” 


  • Look for opportunities to minister or encourage people. God could be counting on you to plant a seed of growth in their life. 

  • Rise above what people want you to feel from their actions displayed. Stay true to you in the midst of chaos around you. 

  • Manage expectations you have from people that think differently. 

  • Extend the amount of grace to others that you’d want for yourself. 


  • Are there gaps in your leadership? What steps are you taking to improve?

  • Are you asking God for strength to keep your composure? Seek God first before engaging in all that you do. 

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