July 18, 2022

57 - Season 2 Kickoff

57 - Season 2 Kickoff
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In the first episode of Next Level Living  Podcast Season 2, the squad discusses what to expect along with developing yourself to the highest level possible. Listen closely to the process Jeremy executed to reach the Next Level of his life. 

9:15 - “Be sure that you’re seeking understanding and not approval when obtaining information.” Seek sources that have fruit in the area of your choice. Your circle of influence will determine if you succeed or fail. 

14:04 - You can’t reach new places with old ways of thinking! The process of reaching new heights require letting go of people or situations that are counterproductive to your growth. Lean on & trust God that he’ll provide everything you need after showing faith and believing in him. 


  1. Name the core four people in your business & personal life.

  1. Do you trust the people that you lead?

  1. Is God apart of your daily life to reach the Next Level?

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