June 3, 2022

51 - Pruning Part 1

51 - Pruning Part 1
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What vine source are you connected to? Going through a pruning process ordained by God can be frustrating or beautiful, depending upon our mindset. When we trust in that process, His word promises that we will be more fruitful in our lives. Listen closely as the squad delivers personal examples of overcoming the battle of releasing people from their lives. 

11:45 - “Pruning process means keeping the branch healthy.” Krystle emphasizes the need to assess where you are and determine what in your environment is adding to your growth or stagnating your progress. Be prepared to “cut” where needed.

15:51 - Dead weight gets dropped. Look at your surroundings. Maybe you've outgrown them, or they've outgrown you. Be prepared to cut or be cut. Just because you start with someone doesn't mean you’ll finish with them.

21:22 - “When operating under the grace of God at a high level, I can’t give energy to things that will set me back.” - Jeremy 

26:39 - Are you holding onto dead weight that you know you should let go of? When you & people you love are at two different growth points in life, sometimes they need to go through their journey before you reconnect with them. Sometimes, you do too.

32:03 - Are you connected to the vine (God) that provides the power?

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