May 20, 2022

49 - Everything Is Energy

49 - Everything Is Energy
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Transforming your life to the Next Level takes intentional focus and hard work. When you’re in positions to obtain information an energy, you must make it appoint to protect that as long as possible! Making adjustments will need to be made in order to make it a success. 

4:25 - Krystle talks about protecting her energy by not embracing any problems around her. Realizing the importance of what she has going in her life is a top priority. 

7:10 - There are things in life that aren’t energy efficient that can cost you money lots of money. Are you evaluating your circle of influence bill?

20:55 - Are you around people who share congruent energy in pursuing goals, like minded aspirations or motives?

Next Level Takeaways

1. Evaluate your inner circle. 

2. Protect your energy.

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