April 15, 2022

44 - What Would You Say To Your Younger Self Now?

44 - What Would You Say To Your Younger Self Now?
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses what they would share with a younger version of themselves to elevate sooner. Be prepared to think of wisdom to share with you people while paying more attention to wisdom received from elders. 

What would you say to your younger self?

6:00 - “Stay routed spiritually because you will hit a time where you question God.” Life deals you ups and downs but we have ultimate control of how we react and respond

9:30 - “What are you doing to better yourself? Are you intentional in learning more that involves reading or handing around the right people?”

21:08 - Do you know what you want in life? Are you settling for a life you’re unhappy with? If you are, then steps to getting where you want to be needs an identity followed with action steps. 

25:21 - “If your looking for peace, you have to prioritize your time more.” - Mike

30:04 - Have you thought about how many streams of income you desire to have?

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