March 11, 2022

39 - Community

39 - Community
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses the difference between a community and support system; Along with fixing your mindset to walk in your purpose no matter if people you love are present or not. 

9:20 - There is something inside you that hasn’t been tapped into yet. It’s up to you to explore and bring that out. 

10:45 - Community energy often determines your productivity. You can have people outside of family and friends that will support you to the fullest. 

12:54 - “You can either thrive or die depending upon the community that you are in.” - Jeremy 

24:20 - Draw close to the discomfort of focusing on you for it is only temporary. Ask God to allow the people who are suppose to be in your life to remain and to remove the ones who make you feel bad or drain your energy about fully focusing & pursuing your purpose. 

Support System - People who aren’t going anywhere. The foundational pieces to remind not only who you are, but why you started. 

Community - People who help you grow, love, affirm, correct, hold accountable, and challenge you. 

Types of Communities

  1. Interest - Common likes
  2. Action - Accountability 
  3. Place - Living arrangements. 
  4. Practice - professions 
  5. Circumstantial - Place you’re in that’s not controllable. 

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