Feb. 18, 2022

36 - What Happens When Motivation Runs Out

36 - What Happens When Motivation Runs Out
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad talks about what perspective they operate out of when when motivation is temporarily absent. 

Krystle talks about denying certain things in order to stay focused & disciplined on the end goal. 

Mike discusses staying dedicated to something and having energy attached to that, not vice versa. 

Jeremy advises we tag in consistency, dedication, commitment when motivation runs out. He uses the example of loving his wife when times look unfavorable for them. 

20:41 - Upbringings can shape your mindset, perspectives, an ideas you form. Exposure can challenge the norms you’re accustomed to and can be fearful when adapting to something new. 

24:50 - “Who’s voice are listening to that drives either good or bad behaviors?” - Jeremy

28:40 - Khrystal talked about not being afraid to get in a routine and have a set schedule for yourself. It keeps you accountable and honest in your actions moving forward. 

35:10 - “Before freedom, there is responsibility.” - Mike

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