Nov. 19, 2021


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In this week's episode of Next Level Living, we get into the negative impact assumptions have on all of us. Assumptions, which have no basis in fact, can create a hostile atmosphere for all involved. Not to confuse the two, there is a difference between presumption and assumption. Where the presumption is based on fact, the assumption is based on feelings. Learning to identify and separate the two is what it takes to experience Next Level Living.

◦ “When you assume you make an ass out of U and me.”

◦ “Assumptions are your mind's way of saving energy.” 

◦ A presumption is different from an assumption


◦ When you leave things unaddressed, that breeds resentment and anger, which is where things can go wrong


◦ It’s normal for assumptions to cross your mind, but you have to focus on not feeding into the assumption.


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