Nov. 5, 2021

21 - No Excuses

21 - No Excuses
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In this week's episode of Next Level Living, we get into the importance of no excuses. The crew talks about their weekly push-up challenge and the importance of having no excuses and how that mindset is rolled over into life. Many may feel as though their excuses are valid which in many cases it is, but when you want to get to the next level any excuse is invalid and once you apply that mindset to your life you’ll be one step closer to Next Level Living!


◦ How you do anything is how you do everything 


◦ Hating to lose more than loving to win


◦ Handle your business 

◦ Invest in yourself 

◦ “Why do you have brand new clothes before you have brand new habits?”


◦ Hold yourself accountable 

◦ Make the adjustment 

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