Oct. 29, 2021

20 - On One Accord

20 - On One Accord
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On this week's episode of the Next Level Living Podcast, the crew has a special guest behind the success of Jeremy. Tracy gives us the importance of being on one accord with your spouse and how it has gotten them where they are today. Many times being on one accord may be overlooked to some but when it is overlooked the potential for success with continue to just be potential and not put to use. being on one accord is not simply just for your partner but for everything you do in life and once you get that understanding life is going to be moving up to The Next Level Of Living.


◦ The importance of being on one accord with your partner 


◦ Being different may not always be a negative in a relationship, every championship team has to have a great offense and a great defense 

◦ Many times things will not come until you are on one accord with your partner


◦ Delayed is not denied 


◦ it is not only about relationships with your partner but also being on one accord goes with friendships as well 


◦ Don’t try to change your partners because that is what is going to allow both of you to grow 

◦ Use one's strengths to offset your weaknesses and vice versa 


◦ Lean not onto thy own understanding 

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