Oct. 22, 2021

19 - Take a Chance on You

19 - Take a Chance on You
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On this episode of Next Level Living, we have a guest star on the show. Dee-1 is a music artist and entrepreneur out of Louisiana. Dee-1 gives us an inside look into what made him the successful artist and person he is today and the journey to getting there. You don’t wanna miss this week because this is what Next Level Living is all about.

Podcast notes


  ◦  Protect your energy 

  ◦  What is your superpower?


  ◦  Impact over income


  ◦  Take a chance on you

  ◦  It’s hard to take a chance on yourself when you have a lot of logical thinkers around you  

  ◦  Rburnettbrand.com 


  ◦  What’s the point of having amazing faith if you don’t have faith in God?


  ◦  Know your why


  ◦  Stay true

  ◦  Mind your vision 

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