Sept. 24, 2021

15 - Faith vs. Works

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This weeks episode of Next Level Living the crew gets into the conversation of faith vs. works, which one is more important. This is a topic that is very controversial and that is what drives the crew to be so passionate in their responses to this question. Many times there are people who do one instead of the other and that can sometimes work in their favor but when you learn the ability to have faith for what god has for you as well as be able to get out there and grind for everything you want, your life will begin to go to the Next Level of Living.



◦ Faith vs works 

◦ First comes faith then the belief that it is possible than bring in the works. 


◦ Evolution of thought allows us to be able to keep going when things doesn’t go to plan.

◦ His strength is made perfect in your weakness 


◦ You have to put work in but if you don’t leave room for the plans that god has for you then you will not be successful 

◦ Faith allows you to give a large responsibility to something you can’t control.


◦ If you are putting your faith in god then you know that you have to work as well and not just have faith in god 

◦ Do everything you can do and let god do what he does.

◦ Not confidence, GOD-fidence. Have trust in god not only on yourself.


◦ Sometimes the season that you are in calls for more work than faith and more faith than works. 


◦ Your blessing is on the other side of that door and you have to get on the other side by any means necessary.


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