Dec. 31, 2021

Do The Hard Thing

Do The Hard Thing
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What transition do you need to embrace so that you’ll operate in the Next Level of your life?

In the last 2021 episode of Next Level Living, discussions of key principles are shared in hopes to start your 2022 off right! The squad dives into being “hard” which entails being locked in and focused, and not so much being “soft” entailing comfort and complacency.

8:30 - Embrace the things you despise doing. Whether you view them as uncomfortable or hardships, there is something to be gained mentally and not just physically. Stretch yourself.

10:40 - How do you value wants over comfort? Be in control of which voice is louder and more frequent in your thought processes.

14:30 - When people speak to your purpose, a flame is ignited in you that never dies. Those are great people to keep & be around. They help you see & seek opportunities that will unfold in Gods timing.

16:50 - “Everything that is standing in the way of what God is calling you to do is what you love to do at that moment.” - Mike

26:30 - Trusting the end result before you see it is never easy. Whether you choose to follow your heart or fear, pain is going to be felt regardless. Ask yourself would you rather feel pain of discomfort or pain of regret.

35:40 - Be sure to balance your life equally in all areas. Family shouldn’t suffer because of fatigue from work. There’s nothing wrong with scaling back if needed. 

What are some areas you can work on and stop running from? Let us know in the comments below.

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