May 12, 2023

97 - Wins & Losses

97 - Wins & Losses
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses how to keep a winning mindset when losses occur in your life. 

Next Level Speakers Academy Shoutout

  • David Kitchens has earned $40,000 in the month of March. 

Next Level Living Takeaways

  • Activate your faith when troubling times come your way. Those opportunities produce perseverance if we allow it to. 

  • Remember your losses. It will keep you humble and grounded as you move forward. 

  • All things work together for the good for those who believe in God.” Romans 8:28 

  • “Learn to be at peace with how God has made you.”

  • “Be the best person that you can be in order to attract what God has for you.”

  • “God is still good when results doesn’t come the way you think they should. Keep the faith and belief in God. Don’t harden your heart towards him.”


1) What is your temperament towards God when things don’t go your way? Will you make the choice to continue serving him? 

2) What are you working on consistently to better yourself? Have you made progress on your growth goals?

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