March 17, 2023

89 - Focus Driven

89 - Focus Driven

In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses tangible ways to avoid distractions & maximize time to achieve your goals. 

7:28 - What’s your plan of action to stay consistent on goals you’ve set? “Don’t lose your opportunity by falling into someone else’s plan.” Remain consistent to the blueprint of success. 

17:05 - “When you walk the right path, the right people will join you along the journey.” Surround yourself with genuine people who will also hold you accountable. Iron sharpens iron!


1) What are you grateful for today?

2) What’s in your life that’s threatening your success?

3) How are you taking care of your image?

4) How are you spending your time on social media?

Next Level Takeaways 

  • Take Care Of Your Spiritual & Mental Needs. That comes at the cost of not worrying about letting others down.

  • Don’t be afraid to explore different interest in your life. 

  • Stay focused and consistent on your action plan! Even if that means walking alone temporarily. 

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