March 10, 2023

88 - Surrender To The Process

88 - Surrender To The Process

In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses how to surrender to processes that’ll transform your life to new heights.

18:02 - “Trust people with proven results.” Study successful peoples story, character, perseverance and habits when determining their credibility. 

21:57 - “Take fast action with the correct information.” Don’t be afraid to get started! Procrastination delays receiving results. 

23:50 - “It’s important to have a supportive community that holds you accountable.” Nothing will change unless you take action!

25:20 - “There’s no room for distractions.” Don’t overlook the process of training your mind! Focus on things that keep you inspired and motivated. 

29:30 - “When you make the commitment that God wants you to make, you’d be surprised by the people he brings in your life.” Trust the steps that God has ordered for your life. 

Next Level Takeaways

  • Execute the blueprint for your niche! Success is found in consistent and persistent actions. 

  • Surrender to the process that yields growth and success. 

  • Don’t compromise on what you’ve agreed to take action on. Stay strong throughout the process. 

  • God will supply your needs to accomplish what he’s called you to do. 

  • Invest in yourself. Financially, spiritually and mentally. 

  • Build your network with tools for success. 

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