March 3, 2023

87 - You Vs. You

87 - You Vs. You

In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses walking in alignment with God to achieve your 2023 goals. 

5:30 - Hebrews 12:1 states, “Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Remove things from your life that distract you from walking towards your calling and purpose. 

18:53 - Trust God to lead you without knowing each step of the process. Armor yourself daily with faith, belief and obedience. 

21:14 - Can you do the works of God without receiving affirmation or approval man? Galatians 6:9 states, “Let is not be weary in well doing.” Let God reward you publicly from works done in private. 

34:21 -  “God is ready to act on your behalf when you allow him to.” Declare his word so the angels of heaven can help on your behalf. 


1) What distractions are keeping you from walking in your purpose? Which distractions have you overcome to be successful?

2) What are you committing to do better for the remainder of the year? Has 2023 started off the way you envisioned. 

3) How do you respond to things that happen out of your control? 

Next Level Takeaways

  • Your afflictions encountered prunes your character to sustain success. Romans 8:28 states, “All things work together for those believe and called according to his purpose.”

  • Chase God’s heart instead of man’s heart first!

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