Jan. 14, 2023

80 - Love, Loss, & Legacy

80 - Love, Loss, & Legacy
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In this episode of Next Level Living, alongside Sophie, discuss persevering through fiery trials with faith, joy and God’s grace.

19:01 - Despite the weight of your journey, God is still in control. He will provide what you need in his perfect timing. Continue to take one day at a time, for each day has its own troubles. Matthew 6:34

30:22 - “Walk in your purpose.” You have a unique gift and calling from God that the world needs to see! Spend time developing your purpose to have great impacts on people around you. 

33:50 - “You have the power to choose how you respond to things.” Focus on taking action with things you can control. Everything that is out of your control, leave it to God. 

39:50 - Grievance is an on-going process. Seek out healthy ways to grieve as you move forward. Find or rely on a great support system in times of need. 


  • Learn from everyday interactions that can develop vital skills as you grow.

  • Reference the story of Job in the Bible for encouragement & reassurance that God is with you despite what has been removed from your life. 

  • Continue to have faith, hope, joy and love. 

Learn more about Brian Thomas’s foundation at TheBrianThomasLegacyFoundation.org 

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