Dec. 16, 2022

78 - Brotherhood & Business Part 2

78 - Brotherhood & Business Part 2
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In continuance of last weeks episode of Next Level Living, the squad, alongside Dewane, a mental performance coach, discuss triple mastery and how to become elite in your thinking & actions. 

12:25 - “Use differences to make a difference.” Combine different backgrounds & experiences in order to gain different perspectives for solutions. 

18:48  - “The platinum rule is to treat others how they want to be treated.” Pay close attention to how people desire to be treated. What you receive in return will be favorable. 


1) Whose stopping you from thinking on an elite level?

2) Do you have results to show people you’re teaching?

3) Are you blocking yourself from receiving love from others? 


  • Know yourself so you can connect with others.

  • Don’t be offended by people who don’t have developed thought processes. 

  • Once someone feels understood, they feel safe. 

  • Make sure you’re right with yourself first before looking to impact others. 

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