Nov. 11, 2022

74 - I’m A Grown Man Pt.2

74 - I’m A Grown Man Pt.2

In this episode of Next Level Living, guest Chris discusses where his spiritual base comes from & how that enhanced his life, actions, and relationship with his wife. 

12:10 - What are the necessary adjustments you need to make to supplement God’s help in your life?

15:15 - “Study and prepare like the greats in areas that you’re seeking to be successful in.” Seek out people who’ve overcome the struggles you face today!

21:06 - “Credibility helps you reach a wider audience with more chances of turning their life around.” Keep working to build your testimony! It allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. 

Next Level Takeaways

  • Don’t become pressured or influenced to conform to the norms of the world. 
  • Make decisions for your future self by thinking of the vision constantly. 
  • Healthy relationships don’t need an explanation. Operate in principles that will breed success. 

Next Level Questions

  1. What are you willing to walk away from in order to grow and be successful?
  2. Does your team inspire you to become a better leader?

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