Sept. 30, 2022

68 - What Does It Take To Be A Successful Speaker

68 - What Does It Take To Be A Successful Speaker

In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses where & how Jeremy started the journey to becoming a successful speaker. Prepare to learn how to start where you are & embrace the struggles to the path of success. 

15:35 - Don’t allow other people to traject their insecurities onto you. Stand strong on the changes you’ve made to improve your life circumstances. 

20:30 - “Environment is huge for anyone that wants to change.” What are you willing to surrender to achieve the new life you want? 

27:34 - Jeremiah 29:13


  • Embrace you’re starting point!

  • Make better choices as you move forward. Rely heavily on lessons learned from your experiences. 

  • Stay strong and consistent when hearing others gossip about you. Don’t let it cause you to backtrack into behaviors you’ve graduated from. 

  • The pain comes from surrendering to and fighting the process. Focus on getting better each day!

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