Sept. 23, 2022

67 - Godfidence

67 - Godfidence
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses what to expect from life when walking in Godfidence. 

What does Godfidence mean to you?

6:28 - “There’s peace on giving things to god. When doing so, it releases what’s crippling you.” 

12:15 - What’s your posture with god when the enemy attacks you? Do you recite God’s promises or give into fear?

Next Level Takeaways

⁃ Don’t be overwhelmed trying to do everything on your own. Include God in all that you do. Jeremiah 29:13

⁃ Have faith that God will do his part while we execute ours. His word is full of promises ready to be executed when we believe!

⁃ Presence of God does not mean absence of pain in life. Those trials are designed to strengthen you and build endurance within God.

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