Sept. 16, 2022

66 - What It Takes To Be A King

66 - What It Takes To Be A King

NNL sixty-6

In this episode of Next Level Living, one of Jeremy’s Core 4 members, Chris Crump, weighs in on the importance of men in social settings. Chris shares his perspectives & principles on how men should conduct themselves, especially when times get rough. 

9:22 - “A problem is a problem because you don’t know it’s a problem.” Being aware of your surroundings is vital. Pay attention to patterns that need correcting. 

Next Level Takaways

⁃ Prioritize what you engage in daily. Spend intentional time enhancing your responsibilities to the best of its ability. 

⁃ Support Men! Encourage them to fulfill the responsibility that God has placed inside of them. 

⁃ Speak to kids with visions of where they want to and will eventually be! Give kids opportunities to visualize themselves obtaining success at high levels. Take joy in either planting or watering a seed in a child’s life.

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