Sept. 9, 2022

65 - Episode 65

65 - Episode 65
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In this episode of Next Level Living, Jeremy discusses what it takes to be successful in your industry of choice.

8:08 - Opportunities come from work you put in daily. 

16:31 - Share your authentic story with the belief that it can change & bless someone’s life. 

Next Level Takeaways

  • Become faithful over a few by giving all your energy no matter how many people are being served at the moment. 

  • The unseen work builds foundational principles & respect for the craft. Let patience have its perfect work so you’ll be ready to receive what God has for you.

  • Embrace your individuality. 

  • Add the most value to any situation you’re a part of.


  1. Are you willing to carry the weight to be successful with God?
  2. What value do you bring to the table?

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