Aug. 19, 2022

62 - Good Vs God Opportunities

62 - Good Vs God Opportunities
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses engaging in good opportunities vs God opportunities. Jeremy provides his thought process of including God to order his next steps ahead. 

7:55 - Asking God for confirmation before making the next move saves you time an energy. 

12:59 - “Blessings can run it’s course. We must be willing to accept, and remain obedient while moving onto the next adventure.”

20:39 - Whether it’s a big or small decision, pray for direction first! Matthew 6:33

Next Level Takeaways

⁃ God’s ways and methods don’t change, but seasons and climates in our life will. Money, family time, opportunities etc..

⁃ God is within your decision if peace is present. 

⁃ Who your loyal to needs a priority list. God first, family second, then occupation third. 

⁃ Trust God to do things we can’t. With God, ALL things are possible. Mark 10:27 & Matthew 19:26

⁃ As you grow, thoughts and perspectives about your life will change as well. Be sure to keep God at the front of your thought process to move forward effectively.

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