Aug. 12, 2022

61 - Episode 60

61 - Episode 60
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In this episode of Next Level Living, Jeremy discusses how he stays focused to avoid distractions that will destroy his marriage, family, and business. 

9:18 - “Avoid triggers that could reintroduce you’re past.” Jeremy exercises discipline by not following certain people on social media. 

17:12 - “God has brought you to far to start going backwards. Keep striving to grow in his grace.” 

19:31 - “You don’t give yourself permission to do something cause it’s not bad yet. Safeguard yourself in preparation for what’s to come.”

21:53 - “Sometimes the relationship God gives you is to make you whole and cling to the cross more.” Have an open heart an ear to discern what God is attempting to tell you. 

Next Level Takeaways 

  • Engaging in constant communication with God. 
  • There are levels to temptation and falling. Be aware of the actions that lead to destruction. 
  • Being honest with your significant other. 
  • Be vocal about chasing your significant others heart publicly. 

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