July 22, 2022

58 - The Core 4

58 - The Core 4

In this episode, the squad goes into depth about building a successful  Core 4 group. Jeremy also speaks on the attributes needed to lead an organization. 


  • Building your team takes time, faith and perseverance. Don’t rush to bring people onboard to fill a void. Carefully evaluate who would be a good fit for the organization you’re leading. 

  • The skills that Jeremy looks for in candidates must possess integrity, skill, heart & character. How to perform a job can always be taught, but having trust in an individual is extremely valuable. 

  • “As a leader, You can’t ask someone to complete task that you’ve never done.” People can tell when their being lead versus bossed around. When leading with integrity, your employees have a higher chance of walking in integrity as well. How the organization operates starts with the leader. 

  • “Answer me quickly Lord.” Psalm 143:7

  • What are you doing with what God currently has given you? Have you multiplied what you have before asking for more?

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