June 17, 2022

53 - Pruning Pt.2

53 - Pruning Pt.2
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In this episode, the squad continues discussing the necessary Pruning Process from God while providing tangible examples of what that looks like.

10:40 - “Always grateful but never settle.” Be grateful for the experiences & blessings you’ve received from God thus far! Be careful not to get too complacent which can result in missing out on what God ultimately has stored for you. 

16:50 - “You’re focused on what people can see, God is focused on pure fruit.” God is more concerned with your heart and faith than things you can obtain from life. We ought to seek him first before anything is added into our lives. Matthew 6:33

20:15 - “We can’t choose the pain that comes with the pruning process.” Be aware of what you pray for! With the answers of God being yes an amen, know that he is working on your behalf. Remember your prayers so that when God brings you answers, you can confidently move forward. 

24:31 - “Spend intentional time building your empire.” We often know what’s holding us back from walking in greatness. It’s get uncomfortable to change, but it’s very necessary for growth. 

Pruning Process

⁃ Evaluating the vine and branches before removing thorns and fruit that aren’t producing fruit. Focus on a few things so that you can bear more fruit. 

Next Level Takeaways

⁃ When asking God to enter your life to prune it, be prepared to become uncomfortable. He may remove things that are close to you making it hard to let go. Trust that at the end of the process, it’ll be better for your future. Have FAITH!

⁃ Step back to get clarity from God in order to move forward effectively. Divine intervention helps with the emotional attachments we have that’s not viewed unfruitful.

⁃ Lay out your desires to God. 

⁃ Maximize your day to the fullest in actions. 

⁃ Focus on a few things so that you can bear more fruit.

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