May 27, 2022

50 - Where Do We Go From Here

50 - Where Do We Go From Here
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In the midst of chaos that’s happening around the world, it can become easy to lose focus an energy for what God has entrusted you to live out. It’s imperative to feed the mind positive thoughts to ensure completion of important task. Listen closely as the squad discusses how they navigate through troubling times the world experiences. 

5:32 - “Don’t let the behavior of other people change your heart for the worst. Have the mindset to protect your mind so that your actions aren’t deviated.”

18:10 - “Be still and know that he is God.” Psalm 46:10 tells us to pause and reflect on not only who God is, but what he is able to do in our lives! Confidence, clarity, and trusting in him can result from acknowledging his presence in those moments when needed!

23:48 - Remove the desire to take vengeance actions from your mind! God’s word states that belongs to him in Romans 12:19. Don’t lose focus or the will to continue doing what God needs you to do for his kingdom. When there is chaos around you, drawer nearer to God to obtain his perfect peace & comfort.

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