May 6, 2022

47 - The Secret To Getting To Your Next Level

47 - The Secret To Getting To Your Next Level

In this live episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses taking care of yourself to the fullest in order to achieve your greatest potential. Jeremy provides tangible stories that explains process steps in his transformation. 

3:05 - Morning routine is explained by Jeremy which makes his success consistently progress. 

5:30 - Are there areas of your life that you notice behavior can be changed to make you great? 

12:10 - Going through the fire of your journey is vital in growing. Successful people endure & embrace trials and tribulations because they understand it’s inevitable on the way to success. 

27:12 - “Focus on the task that people bring you in for.” Operate in the best version of you at the present moment. From there, you can analyze what needs improvement. 


  1. How do you view taking care of your body to fullest?
  2. How aligned are you with God in order to reach the Next Level of your life?

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