April 22, 2022

45 - Can You Have Friends While In A Relationship

45 - Can You Have Friends While In A Relationship
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses protecting whats needed in order to advance to new levels in your life. Whether in personal or business relationships. 

15:34 - Are you hanging around people that are a threat to your destiny?

22:04 - “When moving intentional, the threat of anything negative is removed.” - Mike

Being able to discern the motives of people in your life will determine how how far you walk in your destiny. Jeremy provided a few examples of what can stop him from reaching his ultimate goal. Knowing your warfare from the enemy equips you with wisdom to overcome it. As you grow and reach new levels of your journey, that also provides new test in unexpected ways. Be aware of your surroundings and discern who can alter your future for the good or bad. 

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