April 1, 2022

42 - Chose Your Voice Wisely

42 - Chose Your Voice Wisely
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses how creating false narratives can damage relationships you have with others. They also share how to defeat having a negative mindset & positioning yourself to get the most out of your journey. 

Don’t create false narratives that don’t exist. 

6:30 - “Don’t make assumptions, and let’s deal with facts.” - Jeremy 

15:43 - Don’t settle on your potential! That can be created from having first time exposure to something. the more knowledge obtained about something, positions you to not discount your value. 

19:20 - “Have you been fully trying with all that you have.” - Khrystle 

Ways to not reach fullest potential 

  • Fear.
  • Lack of knowledge of how to do the task.
  • Unwillingness to trust process.
  • Connection to the source. 

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