March 18, 2022

40 - Choosing You

40 - Choosing You
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses having accountability in prioritizing yourself. Give yourself the best opportunity for optimal focus to achieve Gods purpose for your life. 

3:05 - “God is trusting me with great responsibility. My brain needs to be sharp.” Prioritize responsibilities so that you can walk diligently in your purpose. 

19:10 - “I may not prioritize me, but I prioritize my goals.” This statement is geared towards people who put others before them. It’s an opportunity to shift your mind to a consistent productive state. 

37:57 - “When you say no to other people and distractions, you start saying yes to opportunities that fulfill you and your purpose. Self evaluate and be in tune with yourself so that the best version of you can shine.”

What ways can you better yourself?

  1. Having More Discipline 
  2. Put phone on Do Not Disturb while completing important task. 
  3. Taking a rest day. 

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