March 4, 2022

38 - Why Aren’t You The CEO Yet?

38 - Why Aren’t You The CEO Yet?
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In this episode of Next Level Living, the squad points out the desires of people hearts in the workforce. Interesting perspectives are shared that differ from the norm about being your own boss. 

8:20 - When there’s a lack of something, you can learn survival skills that will aid you when support arrives. Layla Bradford was a prime example of combining what she executed on her own and eventually receiving great support to produce next Level results. Get in a community that serves your purpose!

14:35 - The discussion about mindsets being a CEO of a company vs being an employee at a company. In a CEO culture, it’s imperative not to put people down because they don’t have the desire to become one. 

17:20 - “Be selfish with your purpose.” - Mike

21:57 - You can’t expect people to do things you aren’t willing or haven’t done before. You’ll be more effective as a leader knowing the ins an outs of the position you’re over. Get out your feelings so that you can walk in your purpose.” - Jeremy

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