Jan. 14, 2022

31 - Let Go & Let God

31 - Let Go & Let God

In this self reflection episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses the turning points in their life with the ability to “let go”. Listen to each share their testimony of removing themselves from something good in order to receive more than expected from God. 

17:20 - “I was born to release some things in order for God to bless my life.” -Jeremy 

24:42 - “God does not operate in practicality. Stop trying to make sense of Gods plan.” -Mike Think about when God tells us to not to lean on our own understanding. Trusting is hard but beneficial when we follow through. 


1. Don’t hold onto what God intended to end. Mike 

2. What are you willing to give up to follow God for your future? 

3. Can God trust you with what you’re praying for? What have you given up in order to receive what God wants to bless you with?

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