Dec. 24, 2021

28 - Tis The Season

28 - Tis The Season
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In this festive episode of Next Level Living, the squad discusses their favorite and heart touching holiday moments. A powerful self reflection question was proposed that deserves some attention heading into the new year, that can take your life to the Next Level. 

5:00 - What do you look forward to the most during Christmas times?

19:08 - What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received and given? How does that influence your life after the holiday passes over?

28:15 - “Hard times produce strong people. Strong people produce ease. Ease produce weak people.”

28:50 - What gift are you giving you the world? The squad used words such as consistency, drive, goal seeking, focus, commitment and presence. What’s the one aspect you can improve on that will take you to the Next Level?

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