Nov. 26, 2021

24 - Risky Faith

24 - Risky Faith
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In this weeks episode of Next Level Living, we dissect the difference having crazy faith or reckless faith. Dependent upon your current situation, it may cause you to have one or the other. We must carefully assess where we are so that we can move forward accordingly. Planning is very key in not making hasty decisions that could cost us in the long run. After you take precaution of all steps in your plan before executing, your life will begin to go to the Next Level of Living.

⁃ 1:30. Going all in. Knowing what your purpose is and listening to what God has called you to do. 

⁃ Is it crazy faith or reckless behavior?

⁃ 6:30. He believes in what he believes in more than the situation.  

⁃Have you ever been in a situation where your actions were perceived as an example of reckless faith?

⁃ 9:35. "Faith kicks in when you're tired of living a certain lifestyle."

⁃ 9:45. "Money doesn't change things; the management of it does." Discipline is required. 

⁃ Ask yourself if you're doing everything you can to put yourself in the best situation to succeed. 

⁃ 11:20. Surround yourself with the right support system and resources. 

⁃ 12:30. Faith and works. 

⁃ 13:35. Keep things in perspective when motivating people. 

⁃ 15:45. Planning is an underrated step of investing. There's nothing wrong with working to put yourself in a better position to make a transition. Planning comes after the vision is established. 

⁃ 18:12. Saving vs. investing. We must find the healthy balance of not being afraid to take a calculated risk. Weigh all of the costs and never move forward blindly. 

⁃ 19:55. Consistent actions 

⁃ 31:35. Money can't change money problems. 

⁃ 32:50. What's the difference between risk vs. reckless. 

⁃ 34:50. Faith is essential, but works are critical as well. 

⁃ 36:50. Have faith and take the risk. Great rewards come with significant risks. 

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