Nov. 12, 2021

22 - The Process of Forgiveness

22 - The Process of Forgiveness

In this week's episode of Next Level Living, we get into the importance of forgiveness. The process of forgiveness is one that many may not understand. Forgiveness is something that comes with time and patience, there are also many times when forgiveness can still leave a mark on the relationship and it may never be the same. One thing that is certain, is that when you don’t forgive you are trying to protect the outside but when you don’t forgive you're not protecting the inside, and when you get to that level of understanding with forgiveness you’ll be on your way the Next Level Living.


◦ Don’t let forgiveness make you stupid 


◦ “The best thing I ever created besides my kids was boundaries”-NAZ


◦ Forgiveness is a process and may not bring the same relationship back to the way it was

◦ Give God what you can’t control 

◦ “You get the biggest disappointment when you attach it to expectation”

◦ “Grace is God giving us what we don’t deserve, mercy is God not giving us what we do deserve”


◦ “You trying to protect the outside but when you don’t forgive you are not protecting the inside”


◦ Forgiveness has no time frame

◦ Your race your pace 


◦ Forgiveness is all about energy and what’s in your heart 

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