Oct. 15, 2021

18 - In Your Feelings

18 - In Your Feelings
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In this week's episode of Next Level Living, the crew gets into how your feelings can affect everything you do. Most of the time when we feel a way it is based on no communication with the other person and that is where things become feeling and not fact. When emotions are high reasoning is low and once you apply that to everything you do, you’ll be another step closer to Next Level Living.


◦ It’s hard to be in your bag and in your feelings 


◦ We need the tools to do better in order to do better

◦ If you knew, why would you do?


◦ Most of the time it is how you feel about yourself

◦ Focus on you until the focus is on you 

◦ Start looking at facts not emotion 


◦ Stop thinking you know what they think about you and they’ve never said it

◦ Have the tough conversations 

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