Oct. 1, 2021

16 - The Power to Forgive

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In this episode of Next Level Living we get into the power that it takes to forgive. Forgiveness is not only about the other and many times we forget that forgiveness starts within, and until you reach a level where you have that in your heart forgiveness can’t run its course within you. One thing to remember is that forgiveness is no small fee and even the strongest struggle with these things but once we reach that within yourself, you’re on your way to the Next Level Of Living.


◦ “Forgiveness is no small fee”


◦ Can you be free from something and still be triggered by it down the line?


◦ you have to Learn why it affected you before you can truly forgive the situation 


◦ Forgiveness isn’t even about the other person, its about yourself


◦ If someone does wrong by you, that is an opportunity to show gods work in you

◦ Truly forgiving is putting them back where you left off and leaving no grudges behind. 


◦ You have to be intentional to forgive

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